Upcoming fossil talks

Steve has some community fossil talks coming soon. Talking to three eager 2nd grade classes in Martinsville next week on Tuesday. Always fun and a little challenging to share with really young folks. Never sure about their attention span and I have to remind myself “no sarcasm nor irony.”  Everything can be taken very literally!

Also have a public presentation at our community library in early May. Tuesday, May 8 at 7p.m.  The library  is nicely allowing us to exhibit a few fossils this month as lead up the the May fossil talk. Stop by the nice display booth on the main floor anytime between now and May 8 to check out the fossils on display.

June 11, 2018

Heading out West!

I’m getting ready to go on a prospecting trip, looking for new fossil finds. Heading out from Indiana this Friday for western Nebraska where we hunt for fossil mammal skeletons that are in a geologic formation that about 23 million years old. The animals found in this formation include one most people have heard of – saber tooth cat! I haven’t found one yet but will keep my eyes open. I’ve instructed that my daughter in Los Angeles is in need of a “neat” fossilized skull to display in her home there. So no big deal, just search and prospect, find a fantastic skull, then bring it home and clean and restore it then gift it for her to display. I’m a dad, so I’m on it!

I’ll also spend some time searching for dinosaur fossils in South Dakota and in eastern Montana. And look forward (every summer) to checking in with rancher family friends I’ve met.

Watch here for updates and photos from my upcoming trip. Steve