June 16, 2018

First full day for this year’s trip. I had a slow start to the morning then did go out searching for fossils on a ranch property in Sioux Co. Nebraska. That’s the far northwestern corner near S. Dakota and Wyoming. I’ll drop in a couple of photos here to show what the terrain is like. No big finds today but mostly walked around prospecting and kind of getting my eyes and senses adjusted. It’s a bit like searching for morel mushrooms in the woods; you don’t see them & don’t see them then once one is found you can’t NOT see it. I have to get my eyes right to get in the groove for finding fossils.

Here’s a view of where I hunted today; you can just make out my truck in the center rear.

Small fossilized fragment of a lower jaw with 3-4 teeth in it. I haven’t touched it yet; found it just like this on the surface.

Cactus flowering in the middle of the badlands.

This is an “exploded” fossil turtle. When a fossil gets exposed to the surface it’s not long for this world. Freeze & thaw and the other elements take over and we find bones in sad shape. Not collectible in this condition.