Tuesday, June 19

Rainy again this morning in Nebraska so I decided to pack up and head north. It was dicey getting out on the gravel/dirt roads. The underlying soil is made up of bentonite. That’s all I know is we call it “gumbo” and it’s the most slippery stuff imaginable. When wet it turns into a slippery, slimey mess. It’s like (or maybe worse than?) driving on ice. If you get too close to the edge of the road it can just pull you right into the ditch. Like all the wonderful ladies out there, “nevertheless I persisted” and got through to the beginning of asphalt road after a harrowing hour drive. Take a close look at the trailer here!

Had a nice drive up to Hot Springs, SDakota area to visit with some wonderful friends who cattle ranch near there. Got to meet their daughter and her new baby. I didn’t ask to hold the sweet tempered baby, even though greatly wanted to. Torrential rains in the Hot Springs area this evening and everything looks green and heathy. Fossil hunters don’t care for the rain but not supposed to say that out loud because in these badland areas rain can be so scarce it’s a blessing to get it. So no complaints.

On my way North I stopped at Cascade Falls; just a pullover off the highway where the Cheyenne River falls over a basin of rock. Looks like a wonderful place for local kids to come play in the water on hot summer days –