Wednesday, June 20

Woke up to quite a distinct bird calling/squawking around near the camper. Alas I was too lazy to get up to try to spot the culprit. Maybe I’ll see it tomorrow? Stayed at a friend’s ranch property overnight and was greeted by quite an assortment of animal life this morning. Saw a mule deer, rabbit, wild horses (who crashed their fences to come hang out from neighboring horse sanctuary property) and approximately 4,357 varieties of wonderful song birds. I heard bids last night at 11:30 as I was going to sleep. Don’t recall ever hearing so much bird life when completely dark outside back home. Wonderful.

Can you spot my new friends? The deer and rabbit enjoying breakfast.

I took a fun hike around part of the ranch after breakfast. I searched for shed antlers from deer or elk amongst the trees but none seen. So beautiful and tranquil. Here are a couple of photos.

I’m often amazed by the intricacies found in nature. Here’s the bottom of a pine cone in all it’s glory –

And an uprooted tree trunk twisted into a gnarled tangle –

Some more rain today to better green the grass but tough on fossil hunting. My ranch friends did at last allow me help with one chore; fishing a new pipe connection down into a cistern tank to replace the leaking one. So I’m not totally a drain on society.

Stayed up too late swapping stories so now I’m off to bed.