Monday, 6/25/18

Hello All, been out of range of cell signal for several days. Continued to be rainy here as I left Hot Springs, SD area and headed to NWest South Dakota to stop in and see a great ranch family near Faith, SD.

Folks I meet all say it’s the greenest they’ve seen in a long time for this late in the summer. Normally it’s pretty brown and dry by this date. It rained all weekend so mostly visited and caught up with the news with our friends. We did play some heated games of “Wist,” a card game I’d not heard of before. Wade and I took on the “young” ranchers (in their late 30’s?) and after a rough start I began to catch on. I kind of held my own once I got over the learning curve. I’m reminded it’s good to learn new things as it’s hard to do so if I don’t practice.

Had a great walleye fish fry along with potatoes and great steaks Saturday night. Cody caught the walleye locally and I gave him an assist at the stove; everyone was pretty quiet eating that evening so all must have been good. Good friends are a treasure.

I left Sunday noon after taking the two grand-boys out searching for fossils on the badlands at their ranch. It was muddy but we pushed on. Both boys found some things so all good.

I left there and pushed on to set up our camper near the badlands at a ranch north of Baker, Montana. Set it up in a little bit of drizzle but got buttoned up. Good to be at a site I’ve visited before and all set to prospect for fossils.

Beautiful weather day today; mostly sunny with high of 80. And it was normally low humidity so felt great in the shade and just fine in the sun. I went out to prospect for fossils and got a cell signal when up high on a butte so able to text a few folks and get my email. Found a few micro (little tiny) fossils today and mostly got a feel for walking up and down the hills.

I walked from camp up on top of a nearby bump my friend Matt knick named telegraph hill where I get a bit of cell reception and a panoramic view. Had a good dinner and now I’m going to head back to camp and relax.