Saturday, 6/30/18

Woke up to cool, overcast skies early this morning. Made up a sandwich for later and took off to search a new area of the ranch badlands I have not prospected before. Since it had rained again last night it was a wet walk in the gumbo clay of exposed badlands. It was comfortable walking and looking but very slippery on occasion. I looked at the midline up the buttes where I could climb and walked the flats when necessary but didn’t find anything today. A few (very few) scraps of fossil bone where seen but nothing of significance. I did spot many pieces of agatized wood and some petrified wood. I was far from the vehicle so left the wood in place. Maybe I’ll find a way to drive closer to those spots another day when it’s dry and pick up some of these neat specimens. One in particular was quite large and colorful. I’d like to have that piece in the collection.

Had a lunch break sitting in some shade by the truck then headed out again for a walk about another butte that was almost completely barren of any vegetation. But again found no fossils. Now I know where not to walk/prospect tomorrow!

A bit of rain settled over me as I got back to camp to get cleaned up. Didn’t last long so hopefully won’t be wet in the morning.

Went out for a nice evening meal with the ranch owners where I am camping. We hit the Pastime Restaurant just across the state line in N. Dakota. As usual the meal was great at this hidden gem.

Plan to prospect again tomorrow to see what turns up.

Coneflowers (echinacea) growing wild all over the grasslands. Pull it out by the root and bite a small amount of the root for a natural toothache remedy. It really works to numb the mouth.