Wednesday, July 4

Happy Independence Day. I prospected a bit this morning on the ranch and found some small things, micro fossils and a bit of crocodile jaw bone (@ 8″ long).

Turtle shell fragments

Croc jaw bone fragment (hidden in there somewhere)

Beautiful weather, mid 60’s, sun shining and some breezes. Hunted until around 1 then cleaned up and headed to a rodeo (my first) in nearby Marmath, ND. I was mistaken about the time it was going on; I thought it was 11-6. Got there around 3 but was no activity. I was confused, but things got moving then it started at 5pm. I considered riding a bronc or a bull then reconsidered and just spectated! (I never really considered it). Folks rode bucking horses with and without saddles, roped calves and steers, team roped steers, barrel racing, and one event where ladies charged in on horseback at full speed then hopped off to grab and tie up a goat. Really fast and I’m guessing really scary for the goat. It was all fun.

Headed back and had a flat tire; no idea why, but stuff happens, my first this trip. Had plenty of help getting it off and spare out from under truck then mounted in place of ol’ flatty.

Saw some fireworks going on in Baker, MT from a hilltop about 8 miles away. Amazingly clear night and neat how far you can see when no trees or obstructions. I pulled over and parked and just watched from a distance. I was tired and concerned about riding on the spare tire so headed back to camp to turn in. Stood outside for a good while at camp just star gazing. Clearly see the Milky Way and lots of stars. Been so full of mosquitoes outside I haven’t wanted to stand around much in the evenings. It was 53 degrees with a slight breeze so no flying friends around.