Friday, July 6

Had a good day prospecting for fossils Thursday (after I got my flat tire fixed).

Look at the flint/petrified wood sharp that punctured my tire. The trails and gravel roads are hard on tires.

Found a few micro fossils; pieces of teeth, small vertebrae & crocodile scutes. Had a good day prospecting. Went out today, Friday, with a friend and we found some new areas to hunt. Found more small, micro fossils and he found his first (and second) crocodile tooth. It was a hot one today; 96 degrees out in the badlands. Felt every bit of 96. Still a good day prospecting.

Went out for dinner with a friend and then stopped in the fun, local brewpub, Old Skool. Everyone’s friendly and knows everyone else here and the pub owner welcomed me as if I were an old friend. Felt good to be included.