Saturday, July 7

Another day out prospecting for fossils. It was another really hot one although I did have some occasional cloud cover and the typical wind was a little shy but came up from time to time giving much appreciated relief. I’m reminded when out all day looking for fossils that, to me, it’s a bit like fishing; catching fish is fun, fishing all day, not so much. It feels similar to me when searching for fossils in that it can just be hard work in the heat when not seeing much, but when I start finding things, it’s great! Today turned out to be a “catching fish” kind of day. I found plenty of small, micro fossils and I stumbled across several sites with dino bones sticking out. Those need further work, carefully digging, to see if any lead to more of the animal. What a fun day.

I cooked dinner at camp after a very pleasant shower and decided to go into town to the brew pub, Skool House, for a nightcap and to be online to post this. A friend, Nathan may show up but if not it’s all okay. The owners where in the pub when I showed up and greeted me like a friend.

I am exhausted; hiking up and down hills in this heat really takes it out of me.

I was hunting around this area today.

Hope it cools off a bit tonight so good sleeping with the windows open. I saw another beautiful sunset as I left camp heading into town. It’s definitely Big Sky country here and the sunsets are deserving of the moniker.