Sunday, July 8

Got a leisurely start to my day today. Had pleasant weather and nice breezes most of the afternoon. It did rain a little in my area last night so I started out a little late to let the paths dry.

Beautiful day!

Had another productive day searching for fossils. I started by going back to two sites where I left bone that was buried. Brought out a couple of shovels with me to work on removing the soil/rock (overburden) above the bones. The first spot has bones very close to the grassy surface – this is not good for a couple of reasons; the roots of the grass & plants are all over the bones pulling and yanking and basically being a nuisance and being so close to the surface of grass means moisture is getting to the bone. Not a good combo. I stopped after exposing several pieces to leave this dig for when I have friends coming to help. Seems bone is all wet and fragile and falling apart. But it may get better if it continues back or down, we’ll see.

Near where I excavated the “wet” bones.

The second spot turned out to not be collectible; was just a rib fragment that also was badly weathered. But you never know until you dig some if it may turn out to be trash or treasure.

I found more bone pieces about and one trail of fossil cascading down a steep slope lead me to what may be a decent limb bone. A bunch of it eroded out but what I uncovered before I called it a day at 6:30pm looks to be a limb bone about 4-5″ in diameter that’s at the top of the hill and going into the ground. I’ll get back to that site soon and start shoveling soil to see what pans out.

It’s wonderful to find new areas that are clearly fossil bearing. Now just keep my eyes wide open as I search for signs of partially buried/just poking out fossil bone!

Sunset from the night before – Montana is Big Sky country and big sunsets as well.