Monday, July 9

I did a little road trip to visit a friend near Glendive, Montana. Glendive is on the Yellowstone River and it looked pretty high today. It’s beautiful county with the big river flood plain one direction and fantastic badland buttes the other. Really other-worldly when you are out in the badlands and it’s just raw, beautiful country – no park or other folks around.

I checked in with Bob then we went out poking around looking for bones. I found a few neat pieces including a small part of a hadrosaur lower jaw bone that has the telltale grooves in it where the battery of teeth used to be, a fragment of rib bone that by itself wouldn’t be that cool but it has some serious tooth marks in it.

It was really HOT (96) out and we stayed at it until it started to cool just a little bit once we plopped down in a tiny patch of shade.

Good to visit with friends and fun to see some other fossil bearing soils beyond the ranch where I am “home basing.”