Tuesday, July 10

Slept with the A/C on in the camper last night; it worked fine and glad I have it as it was really warm still at 11pm. I got up at a leisurely time (read slept in) and headed out to prospect for fossils. Thought I would go back to a spot where I previously had exposed the end of a bone (or bones) to see if anything pans out. But, …. I got sidetracked by seeing some tiny, small pieces on my walk out. Next thing I know it’s 4 hours later and I’ve been on my hands and knees holding my face about 6 inches away from the ground searching for and finding a bunch of micro fossils. Take a look at this picture and tell me what you see?

Do you see a crocodile scute (armored scale), a fractured piece of dino tooth, two tiny little vertebrae barely making them self seen? And one other item?!

Now you see it; an inch & a half long dinosaur claw. Not sure what it’s from but may be Struthiomimus (a meat-eating therepod).

Here’s a photo of several things I found in about a 24″ circle; all right near each other.

Dino claw at top, in clockwise order, two shards of dino teeth (triceratops), little white vertebrae, piece of jaw bone from crocodile, croc scute. Then in the center a ray tooth (like a sting ray) and above that two little fish vertebrae. There’s also a really tiny dino raptor claw with the sharp tip gone (white) under the bigger one.

I finally stopped the madness and walked the other 500 yards to the sight where I found bone eroding out at the top of a hill. Here’s what I saw after just a little bit of digging around to see if anything really there or not.

Saw bone fragments all weathered out falling down a pretty tall and steep hillside so got my way up there and saw this after an hour or so of digging around.

As I kept going the bones kept going. Steve got more excited! Then I found more bone “above” it as I was trying to dig up the two longer bones. Very cool and I was transfixed by what I was seeing. The more I dug the more different pieces kept appearing! It was really hot again and not much breeze and I had zero shade, needless to say it was 8pm and I was bushed by the time I finally quit for the day.