Thursday, July 12

It’s been a travel day today. Got up early to secure the camp area a bit then set off on my 3-hour drive to the airport in Bismarck, ND. The distances are measured differently out west. Folks talk about how many hundred miles such and such place is from here. Very little running down the street to get some milk.

If any proof were needed I took a photo of this street sign a couple of weeks ago when visiting friends in South Dakota. When you’re at half a tank of gas, you stop and fill up; no joke.

Three miles to Faith, SD and if you don’t fill up, no worries, it’s only 264 miles to the next town. No problem!

It will be great to be home soon. A friend’s wedding Saturday and then an annual family party at a lake cabin. Looking forward to seeing Elizabeth and just being home for a bit.

Then I’ll finish up by flying back out to Montana where two different groups of friends will each be joining me for some fossil finding fun.