Wednesday, July 11

My last day out west for the first leg of my summer field work. I fly home from Bismarck, ND for 10 days to attend my good friend’s wedding and the following weekend to go to the annual family party at Laurie & Wayne’s Lake Cabin in KY. It’s always a blast and I’m looking forward to it. It will be really nice to be home.

I got up early this morning to organize things and get ready to leave my camp site then headed out to the site where I’ve started to uncover some bones. Got out pretty early and weather was wonderful; a nice break from sweltering heat.

I started in with a shovel removing the overburden (rock/soil covering the bones). Had to shovel about four feet of dirt off to get near the bone level. And I was rewarded with several more bones I didn’t know were there. Very neat. Here’s a photo as I finished up about 1pm today –

Looks like a couple of long bones from the pelvis (maybe) and quite a few vertebrae scattered all about. Don’t have a guess yet exactly what bones these are nor from what critter. The more I spread out the more bone I keep finding! When I come back I’ll have some friends joining me to help work on this and a couple of other sites.

My lunch break spot today on top of nearby hill. If you zoom in you’ll see the yellow handle of my shovel parked at the place below me where I’m digging the bones in the photo above.