Tuesday, July 17

Hello all, I’ve been back home for a few days getting re-acclimated to regular life here and keeping pretty busy. Went to my friend’s wedding over the past weekend and did a fossil presentation this morning at a summer camp for the local Boys & Girls Club. There were about thirty 2nd & 3rd graders all crowding around me throwing questions at me left and right and basically being wonderful young people. One nice young lady asked me the magic question, “Mr. Steve, why are you so awesome?” to which I answered “Because I get to go hunt & dig up dino bones!” (Of course her question was prompted by my explanation at the beginning of the talk about the difference between a question & a statement and that this is a time for questions of me not statements about you. And I “may” have offered a sample of an excellent question they could ask later such as “why are you so awesome;” may have.)

I also interviewed a local high school senior looking for a school internship opportunity for the fall. Looks like I’ll take him on and will have an intern in the prep shop again. I’ll likely buckle down and look to recruit a college student intern as well for this upcoming fall/winter season of fossil preparation work.

Been running here and there since I got home and I think I get to “just be” tomorrow; no appointments nor anything I have to do as far as I know. Looking forward to that.