Monday, July 23

Heading back out west this morning by the miracle of flight. Some complain about bags, and delays and crowding but I’m usually thrilled with the results: I get on a plane at my home airport in Indianapolis and just a couple of hours later I’m somewhere far away – a very neat trick that I’m grateful for. Flying to Chicago first then connecting flight from there to Bismarck, ND. Jump in my truck at the airport and off I’ll go back to my camp site on the ranch.

Heading back to SE Montana to prospect and work on excavating some bones I located before I left 10 days ago. I’m excited to have some friends coming out to join me for this second half of my time out west.

Also plan to take a break from digging and attend the 6th Annual “Dino Shindig” next weekend in Ekalaka, MT. I’ve not attended before but have heard about this all things dinosaurs meeting, educational session, and all around party centered around the county historical & natural science museum, the Carter County Museum.

Getting ready to board now in Indy so I’ll check in later today/tonight.

Flights went just fine and drive from Bismarck to Baker, MT was pleasant. Stopped in town for some groceries and ice then went to camp to check on camper. All held up fine while I was gone. Got camp set up then headed out to look for bones.