Tuesday, July 24

It’s good to be back in dino hunting land. I had a full day today digging and exposing more of the bones at the site I’ve found. I also started the process of encasing some bones in plaster field jackets so they rest safely for the long haul home. It was a chore carrying a full 5-gallon bucket full of water and a 5-gallon bucket full of moulding plaster about 500 yards then up a hill about 60′. Arms are tired!

Here’s shot showing 3 vertebrae in two jackets; the near one has two in it because they were overlapping and too hard to separate in the field.

Here’s what the vertebrae looked like just before I covered them up –

I didn’t quit until about 8pm then returned a couple calls and texts and therefore didn’t get back to camp for shower and dinner until about 9:15. Always great to clean up then have a nice meal.