Wednesday, July 25

Beautiful day today, and the heat broke. It was 95+ yesterday and experienced a high of @82 today. Felt great, especially when a cloud passed over or I stepped into the shade – wonderful.

I prospected some new areas today and found quite a bit both on the surface and some buried items just poking out. Found a neat large piece of turtle shell and a small vertebrae (or a hadrosaur tie bone – not sure yet!) buried and found a lot of small surface finds like crocodile scutes (armored scales) and far (fish) scales and ossified tendon (muscle) pieces from someones tail.

Showered and had dinner at camp then drove into town for ice, Internet and a brewpub visit to Old Skool, but not necessarily in that order of importance!

My friend, Jason, is coming out tomorrow for a week stay with me. Looking forward to having a buddy here with me. Nice of his wife to let him go for a week on nonsense with me. He’ll be finding bones on his own in no time, I’m sure!