Friday, July 27

Up and at it this morning after a great breakfast of steak & eggs. We packed up our gear and headed out to “petrified wood alley” where I’ve seen quite a bit of really cool pieces of petrified wood on the surface. I’m not sure how to date the wood, but this area is in the geological formation called Hell Creek which is dated to the late Cretaceous period, between 65 and 67 million years old – so I’m guessing the wood dates the same as dino bones if not older. We each found some neat pieces including one that looks like/is a significant portion of a tree stump. Looks like it’s about 30″ tall and probably 20″ in diameter. Do t have any idea how we’d ever get it back to the truck but Jason’s brainstorming on that now! I’d love to have it on display in our showroom at the fossil workshop.

We finished up with the wood and headed to where I have some bones exposed, ready for more plastering. Jason was such a big help; applying the plaster soaked burlap strips over the bone is at least a two-person job (really a challenge to manage it all by yourself). We did well and got most of the plaster on the bones and kept it generally off ourselves!

The top photo is Steve examining the group of vertebrae we’re getting ready to jacket in plaster and bottom photo shows us at the site with impending rain clouds gathering behind us.

After getting cleaned up at camp we headed into town for a meal then trivia! I was invited to play a trivia group game at the fun Old Skool brew pub and it started at 8. I kind of rushed Jason at dinner and we walked up right at 8. We had fun but were outnumbered; there were only two teams and “they” had 6-8 people on theirs. One of the owners of the pub felt sorry for Jason & I so he joined our little team. Came down to the last round, our team named “Bone Diggers” were behind by just 2 points, 91 to 89! The final question allowed a wager to increase your total. The category was academy awards nominations; ugggh! We strategized and elected to secretly wager – zero points, that’s how little confidence we had in ourselves in this category! The question was – name four of the nine movies nominated for Best Picture in 2018. We struggled! Came up with three answers and one ridiculous one. The pressure was on; the answers were revealed – of the three we guessed2 were correct, so we failed to answer the question correctly and since we wagered exactly – Zero Points – our final score – 89. But what did the other team do? They also failed to get 4 of the 9 movies so they didn’t answer correctly either. Their wager? 50 Points! So they lost 50 points and we snuck into victory lane by a final score of Bone Diggers – 89, the lost 50 points for score of 41; we won!

With appropriate grace we accepted the major prize for victory – we each were awarded a custom printed, refillable, Old Skool official, stainless Growler jug of our very own. Fun evening!