Thursday, July 26

Beautiful day in Montana today; sun shining, 66 degrees at 11am, sun warm on my arms. My friend, Jason, comes in today to have fun doing all things dino. Looking forward to him joining me.

I ran into town for some items for the camp and ice & groceries. Got back to camp and headed out to top off the plaster casts (the under side) of the three vertebrae I field jacketed yesterday then went prospecting in some new areas. I happened across a set of ribs and vertebrae of a bison (buffalo); I don’t know their age for sure but likely somewhere between 100-300 years old.

I also found a whole lot broken, scrap bone weathering out from a hillside. I walked up it and found the source; a dinosaur limb bone. It’s in really bad shape but I may try to salvage it for a work project for an intern back at our fossil workshop. As is typical for me, I got engrossed and stayed too late; all of the sudden it was 4:41, Jason called me and said he was close to camp! Here’s the weathered out bone –

I grabbed my gear and hightailed it back to my truck for the 15 minute slow drive back through badlands, over hill & dale to get to camp to meet him.

We got situated and went right out to get his “eyes right” for the upcoming days of searching out buried treasure. What a wonderful evening it was with a breeze, nice temperature and that glow that happens before sunset. We searched around a bit then back to camp for ribeye steaks on the grill.