Saturday, July 28

It was Dino Shindig day! We attended the 6th annual Shindig in Ekalaka, Montana today sponsored by the Carter Co. Museum. Really top notch paleontology speakers, all fun dino things for kids, the museum humming with live exhibits and interactive stuff going on all over.

The Robo jaw was quite a hit with all the children gathered around. Someone designed a hydraulic compression device then outfitted it with replica T-rex jaws made of metal to which were inserted coconuts or watermelons to show the bite power of the mighty beast! Kids went nuts, seemed that fingers were soon to be sacrificed in the pursuit of fresh fruit!

We had a fun cookout lunch on the grounds of the museum and listened to speakers talk about their areas of paleontology interest and then got caught in quite a storm. It started to rain, then the wind picked up, then it really, really rained, then the “hard stuff” started coming down; it hailed to beat the band. Of course I’d left my windows at about the 20% open mark so needless to say, we had wet bums when we got to the truck.

We headed back to Baker, MT and had a great pizza in town and picked up our winnings from the trivia night Victory the night before at the Old Skool brew pub.

Hopefully we won’t get too much rain around camp tonight and we’ll be back at prospecting and digging up bones tomorrow.