Sunday, July 29

We had such a good & productive day today. It started out with threatening skies and some thunder rumbling in the distance. You can see such far distances that storms can be deceiving; you can see one in the distant sky yet it’s far enough away that it may not affect you. That was the case this morning at our location. It looked bad for us but the storm passed “over there” somewhere and didn’t affect us after all.

We got going and had a full day. The weather was really great all day. There was cloud cover this morning and the temperature was only about 65 degrees. It felt great to be out working in this pleasant weather.

Jason & I headed to “Petrified Alley” to see if we could somehow maneuver a pretty big piece of petrified wood onto a sled then drag it about 200 yards back to the truck. It took us a few beta tests but we persevered; and drug that huge chunk of wood over hill and dale, over rocks and gullies, across ditches and up hill to the truck! We felt pretty good about ourselves (and really winded) as we used whatever we had to make a ramp that allowed us to pull that heavy rock right up into the bed of the truck.

We got that accomplished and headed over to do more work on the group of bones we’re in the midst of plastering. But, before we got there we walked up on a real “bone zone.” Jason and I each found several bones sprouting out of the ground. All were a bit weathered but really cool to see so much in a small area – deserves really probing around here for a major find?

We then put a field jacket on another set of bones at our main dig site and Jason helped admirably, as a now expert, burlap roller, plaster applier and all around dino guy. As we finished with the plaster jacketing Jason started probing back into the hillside at the bone level and he deftly found another bone!; so this site continues. Once we get all the currently exposed bones plastered, we’ll be back to remove the overburden and dig more here!

We moved on to another site we found two days ago and both dug on things we’d identified as possible goodies. Jason saw, dug, excavated and brought out of the ground a really neat find; what looks to be a triceratops brow horn that’s about 22″ long. Very cool.

We finished up the evening by digging up a super neat bison skull; it’s probably between 100-300 years old. Everybody helped and we got it out of the creek side wall. Here’s a photo of the big bison skull –

We wrapped up our long day by touring a neighbor’s property and checking out Native American tepee rings in a beautiful setting on their ranch. Springs naturally flow here and consequently there’s great tree cover and rolling hills with wonderful views.