Tuesday, July 31

It is Jason’s last day today so we had breakfast on the run and headed out to search new areas for fossils. We did really well. Each found some things and stumbled across some bones that have weathered out on the surface. Good day hunting. It was hot again and water breaks were needed and appreciated. Jason took off for the airport for his flight home around 1pm so I went back out to our dig site where I’ve been excavating bone going back into a hillside. I plaster jacketed some more bones and headed out for the truck just before sunset. I must have gone crazy, and decided to carry out a large plaster jacket full of bones and rock strapped to my backpack. Hiked about 500 yards to the truck and dropped the pack!

Saw a classic Montana sunset on the way back to camp and met my new bestest friend on the trail. He wouldn’t budge so I stopped and waited; finally he got bored, swung his head to swipe away some flies and threw slobber all over my truck as he sauntered away!