Wednesday, August 1

It’s a new month and I’m so fortunate to be able to be out west hunting fossils. I’m have a great time and enjoying myself. It was really good to have my friend, Jason, here. Mostly to have someone riding shotgun – western custom is the passenger must jump out and open, then close, each ranch gate we pass through – friends are good!

Here’s Jason struggling to learn the “combination” to this gate while I stay seated in the A/C in the truck making fun of him and taking his photo!

I took care of some chores in town this morning then went back to the dig site to do a little more plastering. I called it a day a little early to have time to eat and clean up then go back into town for weekly trivia night at the brew pub. I got there just in time but alas, not enough folks showed up so no trivia. Thought it would be an early night for me, but the owners were there, a bunch of other friends of theirs were there, so I stayed and felt welcomed to join in the conversations. What a nice place; and they make me feel right at home.

Heading back to camp now and looking forward to another day prospecting for new finds.