Friday, Aug 3

Had a good day today out prospecting for fossils and plaster jacketing some bones I located recently.

I’m moved by the shapes and designs of things I’m seeing while here in Montana. Natural beauty and interest from the things all around me –

This pyramid of stone that lasts through all that’s thrown at it

This “toadstool” that’s balanced precipitously atop this soft sandstone awaiting the day it tumbles down the hill

This fence post that’s aging in place holding sentinel over the pasture

And these dinosaur bones that have been naturally exposed by erosion and are now not long for this world.

I’ve found some neat micro fossils (small little things) the last two days as well as several larger items that had to be preserved in plaster field jackets. It was so hot but when I’m finding new specimens it seems that all time goes by the wayside. Here are photos of a couple of teeth I found today; each are small but still very cool to me:

Two centimeter dinosaur raptor tooth with serrated edges.

1.75 centimeter tooth from…? I don’t know yet; I’ll research to find out.

New group of friends are coming out tomorrow; I’ve enjoyed being by myself a bit and do so look forward to having fossil finding folks join me. I guess I’ll be talking to myself a little less!