Wednesday, Aug 8

Sorry, I haven’t been in town long enough to post any updates for several days. Been having fun digging and sharing time with two wonderful friends who will win the award for farthest traveled to dig a dinosaur this season! Gaetano and his gf Mariachiara came all the way from Italy to hang out with me and search for fossils in Montana. I know, crazy anyone would travel 10 miles, let alone 10,000 miles to hang with me. They have been great companions and real troopers sharing workload at camp as well as on the dig. Plus they venture out and are finding their own treasures!

Gaetano has been on a dig with me in the past and acts like an “old hand” this trip, and Mariachiara (MC for short) is a warrior, taking all in stride and managing well surrounded by two dumb males. They have recorded many “firsts” on this trip, such as: first time pooping in a bucket, first driving a big American truck, first time driving off road on rough, ranch badland trails, first eating some crazy seeming (to them) American foods like peanut butter, first time riding a real cowboy horse, etc.