Monday, August 13

We’ve been digging at my spot finding new things each day, making field jackets out of plaster and burlap strips, removing the overburden rock & dirt as the bones sneak back further & further into the hillside. It’s all very exciting for me and I think my guest diggers enjoy it also.

Gaetano, Mariachiara & Steve done plaster field jacketing dino bones. The smiles are deceiving; it was 111 degrees with no relief all day.

Don giving me a hand with a big bone(s) from my dig on our last day.

What a last few days it was. Had a good friend & her sis-in-law come visit us this past weekend to see what prospecting for real dinosaur bones is all about. They had fun and found some fun things on their own. They also were enlisted straight away to help apply a plaster & burlap strip field jacket on some bones at my dig site. They jumped right in, splashed some plaster about and did a great job.

We all worked with renewed purpose as the end of the trip approached; me at my dig and Gaetano & Mariachiara on the bones they had been working. I got to a good stopping point and with a lot of help slid the largest field jackets downhill from my dig then we carried them across and up & down some rough ground to a point where we could get a vehicle to carry them up and out to the established trail. It was hot, hard work and we did it. Left my dig site clean and ready to return-start next year. I’m sure more bones from this animal are still to be uncovered here.

My lonely dig site ready for next season.

Gae and MC were also working feverishly on the bones they’d uncovered but it was clear, as Sunday was their last night here, that a Plan “C” was needed; not enough time left to uncover, field jacket some bones, let jackets dry, and portage them out to the truck. So they finished up the excavation and we installed a “winter jacket” of plaster over all the bones just as they still lay on the ground. I’d return on Monday after they leave to add some soil on top to complete the protection of the bones until they can return next season. No excuses, Gaetano & Mariachiara, you must return to continue the work on this site!

Winter jacket applied, will cover the whole area with dirt to finish the protection of this specimen until next season.