November 29, 2018

Got interviewed today by some nice folks from the Indiana University Radio/TV Dept. about my fossil adventures and the goings on here at the fossil workshop. It went pretty well, I think; will have to wait until it’s broadcast to see! I understand it will be able to be seen on the web. I’ll post a link here and on Facebook once it comes out. A lot of questions, lights and cameras pointed at me – hope I don’t sound too foolish!

Been doing some prep work this month on an unknown specimen I found during this year’s field work in Montana. Found approximately 30 bones in one site that seem to be from a single specimen. Not sure what we’ve got – most likely from a hadrosaur but Pete Larson did visit my dig and was a bit puzzled by what I had uncovered at that point.

Having fun getting back into prep work and have a high school student who is interested in interning with us for a bit.

Here are a couple vertebrae I’ve been working from dig I mentioned above –