Monday, May 27, 2019

Traveling out west and saw beautiful scenery in far western Nebraska today. Drove from home in Indiana on Sunday all the way to Sidney, NE where I had dinner and rested overnight in a hotel (long drive but promised my wife I wouldn’t drive all the way to my destination without staying at a hotel along the way). Really beautiful rolling sand hills in view this morning as I drove the far western edge of Nebraska from the south up to the NW corner of the state. Slowly on my way to a friend’s wedding celebration in Montana and doing a little sightseeing, visiting friends and some fossil prospecting.

Raining today and very wet from lots of recent rain and snow here in Sioux Co., Neb. But still managed to muck around and do some looking for fossil evidence this morning. Here are a couple of photos to give a little taste of where I am.

Stormy days can’t stop a feeble-minded fossil hunter!

Really cool rock exposures near Crawford, Nebraska.

Dentist says, “you’re too late, this tooth is shot!” Large molar tooth from an extinct mammal titanothere critter, now in a thousand pieces. What happens to fossil bone/teeth once exposed at the surface by erosion and Steve wanders by later.