Thursday 5/30

Had a travel day today. Left friend’s ranch near Hot Springs, SD and decided to take the scenic route north by going through the Black Hills instead of highways around the Hills. Beautiful sunny day for the trip. Saw the northern part of the Black Hills that I’d not driven through before. Gorgeous rock formations, green valleys and a couple of mountain lakes. Don’t know if both lakes were reservoirs but Pactola Resevoir was sure beautiful. Descending on Hwy 385 and this vista overlooking the lake bursts into view. Breathtaking.

I pressed on to visit with a ranch family I met several years ago but had not been able to see them at their property. They live and ranch wonderful rolling green hills near Slim Buttes, SD. I didn’t get any photos of the Buttes and couldn’t capture them if I had tried. The oddity of how they push straight up out of the prairie to form a standing cliff of white rock topped with evergreen tree forests – very cool setting for their home/ranch. Met their 4 darling daughters, three young cow girls and a baby not far behind, talked fossils and had a nice visit.

I ended up in Baker, MT where I’m going to a friend’s wedding on Saturday. We’ll see if I can sneak in a little more fossil prospecting while I’m here for the weekend.