Friday, May 31

Perseverance. That’s my title for this photo. Delicate little blue flowers forcing their way up through just rock. No topsoil, just rock. Very cool how plant life can hold on in such difficult environments.

Had fun today exploring the badlands of a friend’s ranch in Fallon Co., MT. Mostly just wandered around prospecting for evidence of fossils showing themselves. Took plenty of time to stop and enjoy the views, the breezes and just being out in the field again. Here are some photos from the beautiful ranch –

And one last image is of a fragment of bone totally encased in rock from the minerals that leached onto it. Possibly an “ironstone” matrix all adhered to it. Referred to as ironstone for good reason – it’s as tough as metal when trying to free the fossil from the surrounding stone. The broken piece of bone has an exposed core where you can make out the remains of the marrow – sponge looking material from the center of the dinosaur bone. The marrow looks similar to what marrow looks like in a modern chicken bone when broken to show the insides. Can you see the line where fossil bone stops and the surrounding rock matrix starts?