Sunday, 6/2

The couple had a beautiful wedding ceremony on Saturday set at the edge of the badlands looking down into a great expanse of open land; what a great setting for a Montana wedding.

I went out for a little bit of low key prospecting that morning but needed to cut it short to get cleaned up and to the wedding.

Enjoyed the wedding and the reception party afterwards back in town. Had a nightcap at my favorite haunt, the local brewery call Old Skool.

Had a good day prospecting today (Sunday) back in the Hell Creek Formation. Very relaxed and took it pretty easy. I walked a fair amount and climbed up & down some while scoping out the buttes looking for signs of something eroding out. It felt plenty hot today with clear skies most of the day and temps in the 80’s. After a fun morning searching I took a nice long lunch break in the shade of a rock cliff. Just really took my time, ate slowly, took in the expansive views from my perch and examined the mornings finds. I found a few random micro fossils (little things like gar fish scales, turtle shell fragments and partial crocodile scutes (bony, armored plates covered with skin when the croc was alive). I also found a couple of special finds today, a theropod toe bone (you call tell meat-eating dinosaur toes by the characteristic dimples in each side of the bone) and a complete crocodile tooth. Nice way to finish my trip. I’ll be up and out early tomorrow morning as I head for the 21 hour drive home.