Sunday, July 14

We got up and went into town for ice and some groceries after having a nice breakfast at camp. We got started out to the dig around noon and proceeded to set up the shade tent and relax to have lunch! A theme is developing here around food consumption! We dug all afternoon and only uncovered one more small bone; found by Ej. He’s caught on quickly and is good at spotting bone amongst all the rock we’re removing.

We finished up and headed back to camp early evening. Then had to go check out the beaver damn to see if they’re still present and if so, did they rebuild our disruption. They are present and they did successfully re-damn us! So, we did what two guys would do and jumped back into the fray, this time starting at the “bottom” of the damn and pulling off as many of the bazillion branches there to support it as possible. Then we went up to the top, swamp side, and tried to enlarge and deepen the breach in the nasty mud. We got quite a big flow of water going over and through the damn but it sure is well engineered and I’m afraid the beavers will just fix it right up. Hopefully drier weather sets in and the mosquito population hits the road because I think the beaver will outlast our efforts at damn destruction!

Hopefully we’ll be in the fossil trail if something neat tomorrow.