Wednesday, July 10

Sure a beautiful day today in SDakota & Montana. I slept just fine and mentally converted over to local (mountain) time overnight. Enjoyed a chai latte at a little coffee shop near my hotel then started my drive to get to the ranch where we’ll be prospecting some and hopefully finding more bones from the specimen we partially unearthed last summer. It seemed that more bones were being uncovered as we were wrapping for the season last time. Not sure what specimen it is but sure enjoyable to map it out and carefully remove the pieces as we go.

I didn’t work on that many parts from this animal over the winter months; it seems that having more unscheduled free time isn’t leading to more fossil productivity! I’d like to change that this fall/winter. I did prepare in the workshop two vertebrae and just opened another plaster field jacket that contains two more nicely intact vertebrae. I need to get more of the bones removed last season prepared so we can identify the specimen.

Here’s a shot of the outfit as I took off from home yesterday.

View through the windshield of the beautiful Missouri River near Chamberlin, SD on my drive on Tuesday.

Drove from Rapid City to Sturgis,SD then headed north. Through S. Dakota then crossed the state line into North Dakota where I headed west to near Baker, Montana. Got some groceries in town then drive out to the ranch where I set up the pop-up camper and basically got my “home base” established.

I’m now watching the sun set after a peaceful, nice day. The grass is green and tall, the badlands I can see from my camp are turning wonderful pinks and red colors now. Looking forward to getting back to site #1 tomorrow (after a full year away) to uncover more.