Tuesday, July 16

No fossil hunting today; woke up to steady rain this morning and we have a trip to the airport today around noon. We took off about 15 minutes early and glad we did. The dirt roads leading off the ranch to the asphalt highway were pretty soupy, and when the natural dirt gets wet here it more resembles driving on ice back home than on mud. It was slick and kind of slow going to make the 8-10 miles (or so) from camp to hard surface road. Took us over 30 minutes to go those 10 miles! (Not any traffic issues; only met one car on the trail)

We had more good conversation (after the almost white knuckle drive to the highway) on our way to the airport. I waited in the small airport for Ej to clear the security line. He had a few fossilized dinosaur bones wrapped in aluminum foil then secured with duct tape to keep them safe in his carry-on backpack. I could see the TSA person carefully going through his pack and can only guess the questions being asked and his maybe funny answers. I had given him some advice for just such an event; to tell the security person about his dino fossil hunting expedition and he had precious fossil bones that will do no harm. Maybe they’d take pity on him, shown some slight interest in real dino bones and let him pass?! He made it and so I took off.

Found a very fun little coffee shop in Dickinson where I could catch up on some email and bill paying and work on getting this web site corrected to be able to post again. It’s called “The Brew” and is in a small retired church building. It works well for this creative re-use. I started sitting outside because it was another wonderful weather day but moseyed inside to get better internet connection. I realized that all the daily posts made to this blog since I left home a week ago had not uploaded! Trying to get this cleaned up so can share here what we’re up to.

Stopped at a restaurant in town and happened to bump into the very pleasant couple who we had just ran into the night before in Baker, MT. They insisted and I was glad to join them. Had good sharing and food and I somehow volunteered to help with an upcoming deck-building project at their house (I was glad to offer some help and it will be enjoyable for me to cut some lumber and hit a few nails if Nathan takes me up on the offer) next week.

Back to camp for relaxing before turning in for the night. Threatening skies and lightning again all around. This rain in July sure seems out of place from my recent past experiences here where it’s normally pretty dry and brown by mid-July. No matter what it’s all fun.