Friday, July 19

Back to the dig site again today. I’m excited that this dig looks so promising. It’s unlike any I’ve worked on before in that it’s in sand/sandy material and is so near the surface. Both those sound great, easy digging with hardly any overburden to remove, right? Wrong!

What I’m finding is that the fossilized bone is severely fractured/broken because it is so close to the surface. Roots from the plants and grasses growing all around it have fought their way into, around and directly through the bones causing the bone to fracture. It’s actually quite difficult exposing the bones because roots and tiny fibers of root material are all intertwined into fracture in the bones and these roots hold the sand/rock in place so digging close to bone is a very slow process.

Laid out the control point stake and set up a north-south and east-west axis for locating each individual item found on a map corresponding to each bone. Nerdy but needed to study the whole picture of what’s going on with a significant find.

Took a break in the afternoon and went to help a friend out up hay. I’m not too handy but am game. I was on rake duty, but not a rake like we think of at home that’s 14″ wide and used to break up dirt. Thus rake is 18 feet wide and pulled by a tractor to take two rows of cut grasses and combine them into one windrow for a baker to come behind and gather up into a bale of hay. Glad to help as much as I can. Worked until dark then headed back to camp to clean up and have dinner.