Monday, July 22

Got up (almost) with the sunrise (well maybe, an hour or two after sunrise!) and took off for the dig site. Trails to it were dried up sufficiently from yesterday’s rain so no problem getting to the dig. Great weather today with pleasant breezes and temperatures. Carried my 12’x12′ canopy out to the dig to provide nice shade for the dig; a little frustrating setting it up, to say the least! I realized I had not ever opened this canopy before ( it’s the second one I’ve had) because original cardboard was still around it when I fought it out of its fabric cover. Also found the paper directions on how to set it up, totally soaked, pages stuck together and the words bled off the remaining pages. No problem he said, how hard can it be he thought, should just telescope the legs up and expand the scissor type mechanism to throw the canopy over; no problem. Needless to say, I broke 3 of the 4 main, skinny aluminum things that somehow where supposed to expand out; they didn’t!

I struggled, and the canopy won the battle. I still managed to kind of get it over the dig and with a shade umbrella tied to the canopy for support along with duct tape it mostly stood for the day and provided some shade. Victory! Maybe not? (Wish I would have taken a photo but too frustrated to do so).

On a happier note, more bones keep showing up. As we work to expose one we see evidence of the next bone. The excavation keeps growing!

Here’s the “paddle-shaped” end of a long bone (pubis) that makes up part of the pelvis, and the tip of the exacto knife is pointing to two ossified tendons; pencil thin fossilized remains of tendon muscle that run along side the vertebrae of the tail and pelvis area. (Pretty cool!)

Lower left in this photo is a bone that appears to be a metatarsal (toe bone), to its right above the paper, labeled 106-7, is a good sized triceratops tooth, then above that is a long bone heading down and to the left into the soil.

Finished up about 5pm and went to a friend’s home to give him a hand building a small wood deck off the back door, oh yeah, and to have brats on the grill and some local beers, now sold in cans, from the brewery in back in town! We did alright and got the framing done and all the deck boards screwed down before the mosquitoes got to troubling. The view of picturesque badlands spreading out beyond, below and all over from this new deck are spectacular. I’ll get a photo here soon to give a feel for their view.