Wednesday, July 24

Got up and out on the dig site early today. It was really pleasant to be out before the sun was beating down on the site plus it was overcast all morning making it even more comfortable. Worked at the dig for a good ten hours today; I felt very productive. More discoveries today; long rods of ossified (fossilized) tendons and some big toe bones. Also found a large crocodile scute – larger than I’ve ever seen before (about 2×3 inches).

It’s looking like this specimen is a hadrosaur; the tendon muscle fossils and the toe sure say hadrosaur to me.

Also exposed a long bone, about 31” long. Looks to be a fibula, one of the two bones that make up our and dinosaur shins. It’s got lots of cracks where roots forced their way into and through the fossilized bone. It’s still very cool and may be able to be cleaned up and prepared well back in the workshop so it will display well.

Since I was out early I quit earlier than normal, showered and headed into town fir a meal out (no cooking or dishes tonight) and hope to hang out at the Old Skool Brewery after for a bit.