Friday, July 26

Beautiful day again today out in the field. I casted (installed a field jacket out of plaster & burlap) the shin bone (fibula) and worked to expose the big thigh bone (femur) it is partially laying on top of. This arrangement makes casting and removing the bones quite difficult as you cast one and try really hard not to slip plaster on the other bones. It’s also really challenging to separate one bone from another without doing damage to one or both of them.

Here’s the bone casted today. The big bone underneath it is the femur. You can see how hard it may be to separate the two without losing part of one that may be “stuck” to the other.

Cut out from the site s little early to go out for meal with friends in Marmath, ND at the Pastime restaurant. It’s a true gem of a place. A fantastic menu and award winning kitchen never disappoints. Nice meal with good friends.

Had a beer afterwards at my spot back in town, Old Skool. Very pleasant evening. Ran into 3 very nice ladies who were on a bit of a road trip from the Minneapolis area out to Billings, MT for a friend’s wedding then being impromptu on their way back. They mentioned something about going to the Dino Shindig – what a coincidence. They aren’t fossil hunters, just heard about it and decided to go.

I’m going to the “Dino Shindig” party/educational meeting tomorrow in Ekalaka, MT. So I’ll take a needed break from the dig tomorrow.