Saturday, July 27

Nice day today for a Shindig! Went to the Dino Shindig party/educational session in Ekalaka, Montana. Saw a few folks I know, sat in on a bunch of educational sessions (some highly academic, some more entertaining) and had a good picnic lunch with the group.

Here’s a hydraulic powered set of jaws designed to simulate the bite power of a T-rex. The kids seem to love it; scrambling in for freshly crushed watermelons and coconuts!

I saw a specimen that I prepared in the local museum that’s hosting the Shindig. It’s the cervical column from a triceratops that I helped excavate for a friend. The first four or five neck vertebrae on a triceratops fuse together during its life to help support that great big head. I took that piece home one year and cleaned it up then gave it back to Don. He somehow got it placed in the museum. Kind of fun.

It’s the piece on a black stand under the painting.

Heading back to my home base now to relax then looking forward to getting back to the dig tomorrow. Stormy skies are brewing up from the west; we’ll see if rain unleashed here or not. It started raining in Baker when I was leaving town. And seemed to be by-passing the ranch area. Saw some beautiful rainbows as I got right to camp –

Here’s shots of the double rainbow greeting me at the gate.

Here are two shots highlighting Juliet’s butte; this is where we excavated the nearly completely articulated hadrosaur on this same ranch in 2014. These photos are taken from my camp site. The threatening skies roiled up but just barely kissed my location. Note the lightening in top right of the bottom rainbow picture.

Wow, beautiful night at camp with crystal clear night sky and what a star show including super clear Milky Way. Great night to sleep with camper windows open and looking out from my bunk up into the starlit night as I fell asleep.