Monday,July 29

Ran into town this morning to get some ice for the coolers and to update the blog & check emails. It’s been another beautiful day with sunshine, slight breezes on and off and not super hot.

The local cattle have been let into the greater pasture that includes my dig site so I have some big visitors every now and then. They seem surprised to see me each time we encounter each other; like complete shock at the audacity of me to be in their place! I try to greet them with a hearty “hello” and a friendly wave but they just run away.

Plaster jacketed the long rib bone found several days ago and flipped the big femur bone over that was jacketed yesterday. Added a piece of wood in with the rib since it’s so thin; to help splint it so it will stay in one piece during the trip home.

Photo of Rib before & after plaster

I removed the thin winter cast of plaster from most of the remaining bones discovered during last year’s dig season. Really cool to see it all unfold like this. Appears to be a long pubis bone (part of pelvis), another set of shin bones (tibia & fibula), and another thigh bone (femur).

Unfortunately, there’s a stereotype in paleontology about finding skulls versus post cranial (all bones not the skull) bones; namely, that if you find a skull, seems often don’t find much of the limbs, etc. and if you discover a lot of the limb bones then often don’t find the skull with them. This isn’t any rule, just a cruel coincidence that often comes to pass. Bunch of bones – no skull, find a skull and likely none of the other bones! This specimen sure seems to be a triceratops so it’d be super cool to find one of those big skulls with the three horns and huge bone sheet behind the head (the frill). We’ll see, tomorrow is a new day!