Tuesday, July 30

Spent a good long day at the dig site today; my last day for this week. I’m heading out in the morning for a short trip to Los Angeles for a little business and to visit our daughter, Olivia, and her boyfriend, Ej.

Rolled over and removed the rib I plaster jacketed yesterday then removed all the old plaster & burlap from the rest of the bones we began to uncover last season. Got a good look and inventory of what all is there. Looks like a second thigh bone, a set of shin bones (the tibia & fibula) still together as one, and several more vertebrae.

I also found and excavated a large chunk of turtle shell; this joins many small pieces of shell found scattered over the site and crocodile scutes and other small bones not from the triceratops. Here’s a photo of the turtle shell and picture of some of the small finds from all around the site –

Also worked on exposing more ossified tendons and other bone not part of what was found in 2018. Here’s a photo of the tendons exposed running under the pubis bone.

Cleaned up the site at the end of the day by being sure everything is safely covered under a tarp and I removed the fabric canopy from its frame so it doesn’t sail away while I’m gone. Flying out of Billings, MT tomorrow and will return next Monday for the final push on jacketing and removing all the individual bones. Seems I might have to take some in larger blocks with several bones together in one large jacket. Good to not try to separate bones out here in the field that are touching each other; bad that several large bones together with some of the surrounding matrix (rock) makes for a really heavy field jacket. Not something you can throw over your shoulder and hike back to the truck!

Off to LA; will be back here next Monday.