Weekend, August 3

Had a nice visit in Los Angeles with Olivia & her boyfriend, Ej. Had a business meeting on Thursday and then mostly been having fun and eating too much! We had such a nice homemade dinner when I first arrived then we’ve been going out to eat at fun places. A neighbor of theirs is a comedian and offered us free tickets to a show he was headlining on Friday night at The Improv comedy venue on Melrose Ave. We had a great time and Adam Ray, their neighbor, was the headliner and was great. Really funny, very comfortable on stage – it was a lot of fun. Since it was a nice evening we walked from there to a deli for a sandwich or desert treat and just leisurely strolled to Greenblat’s Deli at Sunset Ave. & Laurel Canyon Dr.

Olivia and I took a nice long walk Saturday morning and worked to keep in the shade when possible as we walked through various residential neighborhoods. Seems like unusually hot weather and a bit humid here where it’s normally so pleasant and comfortable being in the shade. After breakfast we walked back along LaBrea Dr. toward her house and Olivia spotted a big fossil mural on the side of a building in an alley. Naturally required a photo or two of me back with the dinosaurs!

Even in LA I’m still with the fossils.

I fly back to Montana tomorrow and will be at the dig site on Monday. Just have a little over a week left to finish all I can to excavate and field jacket the bones we’ve exposed so far.