Sunday, August 4

Travel day – Started with a homemade breakfast by my wonderful daughter! She whipped up a fine breakfast burrito type thing full of eggs, cheese, freshly cooked bacon and tater tots all folded into a flour shell then crusted with more cheese fried into the outside of the tortilla. Very delicious and fancy. I am well cared for, for sure.

Note Pearl sneaking in to the lower right corner of the photo – looking for handouts!

Flew out of LAX earlier today for a longish day of travel. Arrived at Billings, MT about 8:30pm. I decided to go get a meal and just spend the night here instead of driving 3-1/2 hours in the dark back to camp. Driving at night is not normally any big deal but out here there are a lot of pretty large animals often in & around the roadways. Not be good to bump into one on the interstate. Greeted at the Billings airport with an absolutely glowing fire of a sunset. Good omen – I’m going to believe.

Had dinner at the Montana Brew Pub on Broadway St. in downtown Billings. Good drink and meal and ready to find a hotel for the night. Then head back to our dig site in the morning.