Tuesday, August 6

Had a full day at the dig site today. Nice weather day; mostly sunny, some cloud cover for a bit and breezes on and off throughout. I uncovered a bunch of what appear to be the distal ends of about a dozen rib bones all laying in a row next to each other and going under another large limb bone; this one I think is a humerus (upper arm bone). Here are a couple photos of the big bone and all the ribs. The second picture has my drawings on it to show the locations of all those ribs. If they’re long, they’ll go way back under that limb bone.

I applied one coat of burlap strips soaked in wet plaster to start the field jacket on the humerus and flipped over, then jacketed the underside of the ischium from yesterday.

Looks like a long bone first slightly exposed last year is actually one of the two hip bones, called ilium, that ride above the joint with the big leg bone (femur). Pretty cool; and this Ilium looks like it’s articulated with a string of vertebrae that run through the two ilia. Those vertebrae are usually fused together and make up the sacrum; sacral vertebrae.

Here are a couple photos of this bone we’ve exposed more of over the past couple of days.

Going into town tomorrow morning to do a couple of errands then will be back at the dig site.