Wednesday, August 7

What a beautiful day today at the dig site; it was a productive day as well. Weather was great, around 80 degrees for the high, a little cloud cover early then an occasional pleasant breeze that brought up a coolness in the air – wonderful!

Had some help at the dig today and we removed the sacral vertebrae from on top of the hip bone (ilium) and got the ilium plaster jacketed. We also rolled the jacketed big ol’ arm bone (humerus) over and removed from the dig area so the bottom can be jacketed for travel.

Found another toe bone (ungual) today; pretty neat that we’ve found four of them so far all scattered about. They look a lot like arrowheads in general shape and likely functioned a bit like a shovel at the ends of their feet.

I cut out a little earlier than I have the last two nights (I stayed at the dig until 9pm the last two nights – stupid!) to grab a sandwich at camp, shower, and head into town to meet Nathan & Erika for a beer at the brew pub and to catch up with them. Great to catch up with them (it’s a boy!!).

Back to the dig tomorrow to discover what’s there to discover!