Thursday, August 15

Had a good trip home after getting all packed up; everything fit in okay and I took off from the camp about 10 Wednesday morning.

Listened to some podcasts, some local radio and talked by phone with a few folks on my trip back. I got engrossed in a couple of podcasts series my daughter suggested to me and ended up driving too long that first day. Didn’t stop until about 1:45am as I got to Rockford, IL. But that did make for a nice second day of travel in that I got home by 12:30. Drove a total of 1330 miles and took about 21 hours of drive time. It’s a long haul.

Couldn’t help myself and started right in on unloading the truck & camper soon after I got home and had checked in with Elizabeth. I even recruited a group of about 6-7 young guys to come into the workshop and unload all the field jackets; all it cost me was a soda or bottled water for each of them!

Good to be home!