Wednesday, August 28

One last follow up from the recent trip to Montana for the summer field season –

The Animals I Have Seen edition for the blog. Here’s a listing of all the critters, big and small, that I recall seeing or encountering during my time in the field this year (in no particular order) –

• white tail deer

• mule deer (look closely below for the antlers)

• pronghorn antelope

• prairie chicken

• Montana warbler (state bird!)

• blue bird

• magpie (bird)

• (some kind of) long eared rabbit

• horned toad

• pheasant

• owl

• bat

• kitty cat (around camp & not interested in being friendly)

• porcupine

• young coyote pup

• beaver (heard, not saw)

• hawk

• golden eagle

• bull snake (not venomous)

• herron

• ducks

• mice

• turtle

• geese

• And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention my everyday companions on the ranch – big and little angus cattle!