Wednesday, October 30, 2019

I’ve been back home and working in the fossil shop quite a bit the last few months. We currently have two interns who are learning about the processes & tools we use to clean & prepare fossils for display. I’ve been cleaning several vertebrea we collected in the 2018 field season and look forward to having more help from our interns on this specimen we brought home last year.

Here’s one of the hadrosaur vertebrae we’re cleaning now.

Can you spot where the vertebrae are in the top photo?; see the one directly above to better pick out the outline of these two bones in one plaster field jacket.

Plus this past summer we found and collected several bones (about 50) that appear to all be from one specimen. At first I thought it might be parts & pieces of a triceratops, but turns out to be another hadrosaur. They’re sometimes noted by paleontologists as “the cows of the cretaceous period” because of their relative abundance in the fossil record.

I’ve done a couple of fossil presentations since I got home mid-August; one at a fun school and another for a local Rotary Club group. I’ve got another presentation coming up next week at a fun TV show shot on campus at Indiana University in Bloomington. It’s for distribution through PBS affiliates throughout the state of Indiana. It’s a children’s show called The Friday Zone. Hope it goes well! If I’m able I’ll put a link here in a future blog post to the episode I’ll be doing with the hosts of the show and the kids participating with me.