February 10, 2020



Almost Done:

It’s a new year and we’ve been working away in the shop cleaning up hadrosaur bones from Montana from a dig we completed in 2018. Kind of fun “digging” into this group of bones. We have lots of photos and a map of the bones, as they were on the ground, for reference. It seems that I’ll never forget something cool we find and excavate but … time passes. The photos, map and field notes are crucial to helping put the pieces back together again. Here’s a time-lapse video of us cutting open a field jacket in the workshop and starting to expose the bones within. Not sure yet but I think these are the distal ends of the two hip bones called the ischia. (There’s a left and right side that pair together of each of three different bones that make up the hips). This 30 second video was shot over a 2 hour time period. Enjoy